Introducing TWLC

The Wedding Limo Company is driven by a team of car aficionados who believe that like wine, cars flourish with age. We’re proud to own the largest fleet of luxury classic cars in Singapore that are up for hire.

Why should I hire a classic car?

There is a certain romantic tenor and quiet dignity when seated in a classic car – an atmosphere that we find hard to put into words. While what we have for you are cars, what you’ll be taking away is an experience – and certainly one that’s hard to forget. Trust us, it’s better when you feel it for yourself. Browse our fleet here.

Why rent with The Wedding Limo Co?

A luxurious and stylish wedding is not difficult to achieve in Singapore, but we know there are those who are always on the hunt to add a little pizzazz to their big day. Decades of working with cars and their unique characters has led us to understand that couples are no different – each with individual preferences and needs. However, know that as long as we’re providing a car for you, we’ve got everything covered. After all the sleep you’ve sacrificed to plan your wedding, the last thing we want you to worry about is fuel or a chauffeur.

We are also happy to provide our cars for purposes other than wedding car rentals. If you’re got a birthday, anniversary or any corporate/commercial event or photoshoot, know that we’ve got your back too. For a free quote, head over here.

Our Company

The Wedding Limo Co. is part of ABM Leasing Pte Ltd, an affiliate of Autobahn Motors.

Autobahn Motors specialises in Luxury, Sports, Convertibles and Special Interest Automobiles. We have a burning passion for fine cars and were born out of this love and enthusiasm. Since then, we have endeavoured to provide customers with the satisfaction of the best products and services.

Visit us at our showroom or find out more about the company at

Nice Things People Say

"Awesome assistance by wedding limo for my last minute booking after being played out by another vendor who informed me that my selected wedding car is involved in an accident and unavailable 2 days before my wedding!"

- Dillen Selvarajoo, on Wedding Limo Hire